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What Ohio AgrAbility Means to Me!

We asked our clients the question: What does Ohio AgrAbility mean to you?

“AgrAbility has kept me in farming.  I’ve been disabled since 08’ and had gotten to the point of farming that it was harder and harder, I didn’t know what I could do.  They saved me and helped get me to where I can continue farming.  They mean everything” Steve, Organic hay farmer and machinist/welder


“The chance to see my husband be able to succeed and to see him happy instead of. . . my fear was, he was just going to give up and quit, and not be able to do anything” Julia, Organic hay farmer



“Means a lot, they are awesome people, they do good things. The Track chair itself is amazing, I mean it’s letting me do things in life I can’t do... I can just get out here and do what I need to do.” Josh, Landscaper




“To me it’s an organization that helps people with handicaps prolong their life on the farm; makes it easier for them to do what they need to do, I believe… If you have a disability, and you love to farm, been around the farm all your life like I have you use every resource you can to keep going with your life” Clarence, Sheep and poultry farmer


“We would refer somebody who has a disability who wants to stay on the farm and work, we would tell them to get in touch with AgrAbility to see how they could be facilitated and be able to stay on the farm”. Deborah, Sheep and poultry farmer



“I don’t think I could’ve farmed another year… without Ohio AgrAbility” David, Row crop farmer





Our appreciation for what Ohio AgrAbility has done for Don (us), is unmeasurable. The equipment provided has had such a HUGE impact in our daily lives, allowing us to breathe a little easier with all of the daily challenges that we face.  And the support of others that we meet and get to talk with at the conferences is like being with old friends and again MUCH appreciated! Don & Regenia, specialty crops, blueberry and raspberry farmers


“AgrAbility is my support team! The organization helps me do the real and satisfying work of farming despite my physical limitations.” Kipp, Market goat and hay farmer





“The education, networking and direct services AgrAbility provides are valuable, but the most important thing AgrAbility does for disabled farmers is restore confidence in their capability to do what they love.” Ivory, Market goat and hay farmer




"I love what I do because it is an independent business. AgrAbility helped me to remain functional and independent." Al, chicken farmer

"I consider all of AgrAbility's team friends. Friends help friends in any way they can. Agr to me means agriculture which is everyone's livelihood. We put food on everyone's tables. Ability means No Limitations. That sums up what AgrAbility means to me. Mary Ann, chicken farmer