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Ohio AgrAbility and Occupational Therapy: Bridging the Gap to serve Rural Residents - Veiwable Presentation

Nov. 5, 2012

Nov 2nd -3:30pm to 5:00pm presentation

Ohio AgrAbility and Occupational Therapy: Bridging the Gap to Better Serve Rural Residents.

Kent McGuire, OSU College of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Sciences: Health and Safety Coordinator.

Farming ranks as one of Ohio’s most dangerous occupations, and agriculture is the largest industry in the state. Agricultural workers can experience injuries that limit their ability to perform essential tasks. Ohio AgrAbility is a program designed to assist farmers who are facing those obstacles on the farm. The program works with a wide array of disabling conditions faced by farmers and provide several “no cost” services to help farmers maintain their livelihood.

Session participants will gain a better understanding of Ohio AgrAbility; examine the role of AgrAbility working with OTs to help individuals in agriculture continue to be productive; and identify assistive technology, universal design concepts and adaptations used by farmers with a disability.

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