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Sharing ideas and being neighborly is foundation of Ohio AgrAbility Program

May. 22, 2014

For generations, farm families and rural folks have shared unique traits. For one, they help each other through life’s ups and downs. Although it is not often talked about, being a good neighbor is a common philosophy. And that unspoken mannerism is evident during times of hardship as well as times of celebration. Coming to lend a helping hand is just what rural neighbors do when there is a tragedy or the job at hand is too large for one person or one family to bear.

Another characteristic of farmers is that they are natural problem solvers. They have oftentimes learned through their own trial and error, or knew someone who went through a similar situation. They are independent and creative, and those skills lead to ideas that become solutions for problems. Many of these ideas are low-cost and easily implemented, while others are costly and require planning and time for implementation.

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