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Ohio AgrAbility

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Ohio AgrAbility Factsheets

Ohio AgrAbiltiy offers informational resources such as these fact sheets to provide useful information that can be helpful for Ohio’s farmers and farm families coping with a disability or long-term health condition.

Farm Family Resources

Assistive Technology for the Farm, AEX-983.2-11

Extending Universal Design Principles onto the Farmstead, AEX_983_1_10.pdf

Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWEs) for Farmers and Farm Workers, AEX-983.4-13


Physical Limitations

Gardening with a Physical Limitation, AEX-983.3-13

Farming with Chronic Back Pain, AEX-982.7-13

Recovery from Hip or Knee Replacement for Farmers, AEX-981.15-13

Managing Arthritis When Farming, AEX-982.1-11


Health Related Conditions

Respiratory Impairment in Agriculture, AEX-981.17-13

Farming with a Visual Impairment, AEX-981.16-13

Farming with Alzheimer’s Disease, AEX-982.9-13


Injury Prevention

Secondary Injury Prevention: Using Braces to Reduce Joint Injuries, AEX-982.8-1

Secondary Injury Prevention: Repetitive Motion, AEX- 981.12-11

Secondary Injury Prevention: Understanding Concussions, AEX-981.11-11

Overexertion Causing Secondary Injury, AEX-981.5-10