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National AgrAbility - Renewing Hope, Restoring Productivity with Eric Beckman

Eric Beckman was injured in a truck rollover, which resulted in quadriplegia. AgrAbility, his family, and other supporters were able to help him get back into farming.


National AgrAbility - It's About Hope

The USDA-sponsored program called AgrAbility Program serves farm families touched by disability. A disabling injury, illness, or lifelong disability can challenge anyone's hope, especially when the individual has been engaged in the physically demanding occupation of agricultural production. AgrAbility's mission is to enhance and protect quality of life and preserve livelihoods, and support and promote growth and independence.


National AgrAbility YouTube Channel

Additional videos from National AgrAbility.


Ohio AgrAbility YouTube Channel

A variety of videos from Ohio AgrAbility and our clients, inluding "What Ohio AgrAbility Means to Me" testimonial videos from clients.


Ohio AgrAbility - Selecting a Wheelchair for Agricultural Use (Webinar)

Dr. Dee Jepsen and Brittany Cowgill, of Ohio AgrAbility:   Using a wheelchair during farming and gardening activities requires special considerations of that chair. It's not just a mobility device; it becomes a work station. This session will provide thoughtful insights to how the chair will be used, as well as questions to ask a medical professional when selecting the right chair for the farm. The virtual session is based on a new resource publication: Selecting and Operating a Wheelchair to Meet Your Agricultural Needs, Bulletin 966, The Ohio State University.


Ohio AgrAbiltiy at OSU South Centers Podcast

A discussion with Laura Akgerman about promoting success in agriculture for Ohio’s farmers and farm families who are coping with a disability or long term health condition.


Ohio AgrAbiltiy - Farming with Back and Neck Problems

Harold Heidlbaugh suffers from fibromyalgia and back and neck problems that have required multiple surgeries. He thought he had to retire from sheep farming, when he found out about Ohio AgrAbility. After working with the Ohio AgrAbility's Rural Rehabilitation Coordinator, he switched from square to round silage baling, uses a livestock handling tilt table and other adaptive technologies that allow him to continue farming.


Ohio AgrAbility - Handling Sheep with a Spin Doctor 

Sheep handling is very physically demanding. Farmer Bob Your demonstrates the use of a Sidell Spin Doctor, which takes some of the strenuous labor out of sheep handling.


Ohio AgrAbility - Round Silage Baler 

The advantages of round vs. square baling is described. For many farmers with physical limitations, round baling allows them to keep farming.

Ohio AgrAbility - A New Program in 2009

Dr. Dee Jepsen discusses the new Ohio AgrAbility program and the assistance for farmers in Ohio. 2009 Farm Science Review