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Webinars and handouts

Farming with a disability


Assistive Technology to keep you farming handout

Farming and gardening handout

Farm equipment handout 2022


Assistive Technology to Keep you Farming (links to YouTube video)

Ohio AgrAbility in Action: Helping farmers with disabilities continue farming (links to YouTube video)


Gardening with arthritis or other limitations


Arthritis & Gardening Booklet (2016)

Farming and gardening handout

Don't let the dirt hurt - stretches for gardeners

Garden tools resource handout

Gardening with arthritis_handout

Gardening with visual impairments handout

Gardening with Arthritis and other limitations resources handout


Gardening with Arthritis - It doesn't have to hurt! (links to YouTube video)

Gardening with arthritis and other physical limitations (links to YouTube video)

Gardening Across the Ages - Farm Science Review 2020 (links to YouTube video)

Everyone Can Garden!

Vegetable Gardening for people with physical and other limitations 2021 webinar series

Presented by CFAES Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Ohio AgrAbility, and OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers

Webinar series flyer with session descriptions

Webinar videos

Planting your vegetable garden video (links to YouTube)

Garden maintenance webinar (links to YouTube)

Canning and preservation basics webinar (links to YouTube)

Maintaining your garden webinar (links to YouTube)


Garden tools resource handout

 Planning your vegetable garden handout

Planting your garden handout 

Garden maintenance handout

Kitchen tools and gadgets handout

Canning basics

Canning tomatoes handout

Canning tomoato products handout

Canning fruit

Canning vegetables

Freezing basics

Preserving herbs

Preserving food with less sugar

Accessible Agritourism


Accessible events handout


Ohio AgrAbility: Agritourism and Accessible events - FSR 2020 (links to YouTube video)

Making your Events, Festivals and Agritourism Accessible to the Public (links to YouTube video)